Lunch and dinner - Tuesday to Saturday


Chicken matzo ball soup 8.90 Rich golden broth, vegetables, tender chicken

Soup of the day 8.90

 Bruschetta (for 2) 11.70 (Vegetarian)

Garlic or herb bread (for 2) 7.70 (Vegetarian)

Potato gnocchi with roasted duck 15.10 Duck, pistachio pesto sauce

Cannelloni (tube shape) 16.30
Spinach and ricotta, in basil tomato sauce (Vegetarian)

Fagottini with smoked trout 18.90
Little bundles of pasta filled with ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar

Vegetarian lasagne 15.50
Vegetables, a light tomato -basil and Béchamel sauce, topped with Parmesan (vegetarian)

Chicken risotto with baby spinach 18.50
Chicken, spinach, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese in a light cream sauce (gluten-free)

Savoury crêpe 9.90
Shredded roast duck and goose confit wrapped in crêpe
Apricot sauce

Chicken Lasagne 16.50

Layered with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, rich chicken bolognese


Seafood chowder 16.50
Fishermen's stew made with seafood

Agnolotti (“Priest's hat” shapes) with crab meat 19.40
Spinach and ricotta, in creamy Napolitana sauce 

Prawn pasta 19.40
Linguine with prawns, lemon, and parsley

Scallops Mornay 34.80
Served in shells with a cheese Béchamel sauce. Garden salad

Italian-style Spaghetti Marinara 30.60
Pasta tossed in a luscious sauce with mixed seafood and blue swimmer crab

Spanish paella 28.20
Spanish saffron rice dish with mixed seafood (gluten-free)

Sauté di cozze, one-pot steamed mussels 26.50
Succulent mussels in garlic, onion, and tomato broth, with grilled ciabatta

Whole lobster a la thermidor (600 grams) 55.30
Egg yolk, mustard, tarragon Cognac and Gruyère cheese (garden salad)


Fillet of flathead 21.90
In a traditional beer flavoured batter, with chips

Pan-fried fillet of Barramundi 26.30
The flavours of lemon and herb white wine, tartar sauce complement the fish (gluten-free, vegetables)

Grilled Atlantic salmon steak 30.10
Dill, caper, and Hollandaise sauce (gluten-free, vegetables)

Hungarian chicken paprika (not spicy) 20.50
Tender pieces of chicken in a fragrant creamy sauce with flour dumplings (spatzle)

Double-roasted, orange-glazed duck & red cabbage 29.30
Fancier than chicken and more elegant than turkey (gluten-free, vegetables)

Roasted goose 41.80
Old-fashioned crispy roasted goose with walnut and poached pears (gluten-free, vegetables)

Lamb shank 28.90
Tender, fall off the bone, easy braised, dressed in mint-rosemary-Manuka honey (gluten-free, vegetables)

Rack of lamb 35.50
Bread crusted racks with gremolata pesto (vegetables)

Porterhouse steak 28.70
Grass-fed steak with mushroom or 3-way pepper sauce (vegetables)

Herb-garlic crumbed veal liver 19.80
This traditional liver dish comes with caramelised onions & demi-glaze (vegetables)

Baby veal scallopini 31.40
Pan-fried white veal with creamy mushroom & Riesling sauce (vegetables)

Wiener Schnitzel 34.10
Authentic Austrian-style "giant" bread-crumbed white veal (vegetables)

Ossobuco 27.20
Cross-cut veal shank braised with vegetables, white wine and broth (Lombard cuisine)
with mashed potato

Traditional beef goulash (not spicy) 26.90
Stew with onions, potato, paprika, served in special cauldron (bogrács) (gluten-free)

Beef cabbage rolls 25.50
Cabbage leaves stuffed with seasoned minced beef and rice, oven baked, sour cream (gluten-free)

Transylvanian layered cabbage 21.30
Savoy cabbage, minced meat, rice, sour cream, baked in the oven (gluten-free)

Super tender American-style pork spareribs 33.50
Marinated in a special BBQ sauce (gluten-free, chips)

Pork-belly 27.50
Crispy slow roasted pork topped with black cherry sauce (gluten-free, vegetables)

Marinated venison tenderloin 39.60
Braising in a Bordeaux cooking technique, accompanied with venison sausage (gluten-free) with vegetables


Strawberry or  Lemon or Walnut-chocolate or  Ricotta-sultana crêpes 10.60 with cream or ice cream

Chocolate lava or  Sticky date pudding or  Cakes of the day 7.90 with cream or ice cream

Menu updated  21 March 2022. Menu items and prices subject to seasonal variation or produce availability.

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